XRECODE 1.137 Crack With Serial Key Free Download 2023

XRECODE 1.137 Crack With Serial Key Free Download 2023


XRECODE 1.137 Crack is a powerful audio conversion and manipulation software that allows users to convert audio files between various formats. XRECODE Ltd. develops this software, which is available for Windows operating systems. XRECODE is known for its ability to convert audio files with exceptional speed and efficiency while maintaining the original audio’s quality.

XRECODE Crack also includes a batch processing feature, allowing you to convert multiple audio files simultaneously. This can save you much time if you have an extensive music library or need to convert multiple files for a project. The software also includes a built-in player, which allows you to preview audio files before you convert them. Overall, XRECODE is an excellent audio conversion and manipulation software that offers a wide range of features.

XRECODE 1.137 Crack + Serial Key 2023

XRECODE Activation Key is its ability to add metadata to audio files. This means you can add information such as the artist’s name, album title, and track number to your audio files, which can be helpful for organization and searching. Its support for various audio formats, batch processing capabilities, and metadata editing features make it a powerful tool for anyone who works with audio files. If you’re looking for reliable and efficient audio conversion software, XRECODE is worth considering.

XRECODE License Key includes several other useful features. One of these is its ability to extract audio from video files. You can use XRECODE to extract the audio from a music video or a movie and then save it as a separate audio file. This is a great way to create your music library from your favorite videos. You can convert large audio files in just a few minutes, even working with high-resolution audio formats.

XRECODE Serial Key is its support for various audio file formats. It can convert audio files to and from all popular formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and more. The software also supports high-resolution audio formats like DSD, AIFF, and SACD. This makes it a versatile tool for anyone who works with audio files, whether you’re a music producer, a podcast creator, or just someone who wants to convert their music library to a different format. One of the standout features of XRECODE is its speed. The software uses multi-core processors and optimized algorithms to convert audio files quickly and efficiently. 

Key Features:

  • Multi-format support: XRECODE supports various audio file formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AIFF, DSD, SACD, and more.
  • Fast conversion speed: XRECODE uses multi-core processors and optimized algorithms to ensure fast and efficient conversion of audio files, even with high-resolution formats.
  • Batch processing: XRECODE allows users to convert multiple audio files simultaneously, saving time and effort when working with large music libraries.
  • Metadata editing: XRECODE allows users to edit metadata information, such as artist name, album title, and track number, making it easier to organize and search through audio files.
  • Audio extraction from video files: XRECODE allows users to extract audio from video files and save it as a separate file.
  • Built-in audio player: XRECODE includes a built-in player that allows users to preview audio files before converting them.
  • CD ripping: XRECODE allows users to rip audio CDs and convert the tracks into digital audio files.
  • Support for cue sheets: XRECODE supports cue sheets, which are files that contain information about the structure of a music album, such as track order, timing, and other metadata.
  • Automatic shutdown: XRECODE can be set to automatically shut down the computer after conversion is complete, which is helpful when large numbers of files are being converted.
  • Command-line interface: XRECODE includes a command-line interface for advanced users who want to automate tasks or customize conversion settings.


What’s New?

  • The program may be purchased in a variety of languages.
  • If it is required to do so, metadata may be modified or examined using this method.
  • There is no problem here, except this perspective has to contribute to the Cover Art.
  • Accompanied by a strong desire and a custom-made execution of LossyWa.
  • Utilization of the order line is an option to consider.
  • The software is responsible for maintaining a few safe phases.

System Requirments:

  • Xcode works with at least a Pentium IV processor.
  • It needs a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.
  • It needs 100 MB of free space on the drive.
  • Internet connection to activate and to get updates.

Serial Keys:

  • ESV1B0Ps5w5QI-LZXVwup4DJw76Qo7v
  • W5pkJdWILO6cS-wYkpJ5xmlGs3CvITtTS
  • VvAanwcX8Lnwn-XegB9ZgwEhZop43Ktl
  • qrqcfm6NOvnh-BT6pxtyFuJeIbmto9Bhy

Installation Method?

  • Visit the RECODE website: The first step is to visit the RECODE website at
  • Download the installation file: Once on the website, click the “Download” button on the top menu, which will take you to the download page. Choose the appropriate version of the software for your operating system, either 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Run the installation file: Once the download is complete, run the installation file by double-clicking on it. You may be prompted with a security warning, but you can safely ignore this and proceed with the installation.
  • Follow the installation prompts: The wizard will guide you through the installation process. Follow the prompts and select the appropriate options as needed. You can choose the installation location, create a desktop and start menu shortcuts, and configure file associations for XRECODE.
  • Complete the installation: Once you’ve configured the installation settings, click the “Install” button to start the installation process. Depending on your system configuration, the facility may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Launch XRECODE: After the installation, XRECODE will be installed on your computer. You can launch it by double clicking on the desktop or start menu shortcut, navigating to the installation folder, and launching the executable file.


In conclusion, XRECODE is a powerful audio conversion and manipulation software that offers users a wide range of features. It supports audio file formats, including high-resolution formats, and simultaneously allows for batch processing of multiple files. Additionally, it provides metadata editing capabilities, audio extraction from video files, and CD ripping functionality.

With its fast conversion speed and built-in player, XRECODE quickly manages and organizes your audio files. Thanks to its command-line interface and customizable conversion settings, it’s also suitable for advanced users.

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